Caught in the Crosshairs

Siblings.  You love them. You dislike them. Mostly you love them. Especially when you learn they have idiotically placed themselves in harm’s way. You discover they are a life line that you just cannot cut. You are reminded you have an obligation to them. So you run to their defense, and along the way. You find love.


Lauren James comes to this realization when her only sibling, Max calls her unexpectedly. Their phone call is rudely interrupted by screams of torture, unfamiliar voices with accents, and then the sudden demand for money.  Unwilling to let her brother die, Lauren fulfills the request.

A serious situation such as this requires more than one person. Jaden Dean enters the story. Jaden is not your typical man. He is a government employee assigned to tasks that fly under the radar, which is what Lauren needs. Someone to get results, protect her, and ultimately love her. Of course Lauren is a bit hard-headed and does not easily trust strangers and Jaden has not had a serious relationship in what seems like decades.

Its something about teetering on the brink of life and death that seems to awaken the will to live.  A good writer challenges their characters to mirror life. They too must overcome life’s obstacles to prevail. Ms. Han let Lauren and Jaden know that Cupid was throwing them an arrow. She also let them know that storms are the perfect excuse to have a romp in the sack. That is why this book was Olivia’s Cup of Tea.







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