A haunting blast from the past

wicked wives of PhiladelphiaIt has been said that history has a way of repeating itself. The behavior of today’s society is hauntingly reminiscent of times gone by–the disposal of people who unknowingly annoy. Apparently love is for the dogs. Human can’t seem to be bothered. In fact many people openly prefer the company of an animal to people. Look at all the animal rights activists who will come out and protest when they hear an animal has been abused or neglected.

Where are these people when they see humans openly abuse and neglect other humans? Where are they when they know a friend of acquaintance has committed a crime against someone else?

They are quiet.

…I finally finished the book, the Wicked Wives by Gus Pelagatti. I must confess that I never knew ‘little old Philadelphia’ had crime that rivaled New York. The Wicked Wives is based on a true 1938 murder scandal. As a kid Mr. Pelagatti had a ringside seat, the murder scene was only a few doors down from where he lived. He made a vow to himself that when he became a man he would investigate and learn all the juicy details the grown ups whispered to themselves. I am thankful to him for keeping the promise.

Wickedness descended farther into the abyss.

Like any criminal ring, the participants pool their resources to ensure that their goals are ultimately accomplished. Some criminals will only allow themselves to descend but so far into the abyss. Thugs, thieves and drug dealers are examples of people with a criminal element who will only themselves to fall but so far into the abyss. They commit crimes that if convicted will cost them a minimum of incarcerated time–less than five years.

The Philadelphia Poison Ring was a criminal ring composed of cousins Herman and Paul Petrillo, Morris Bolber. At first their criminal activity focused on counterfeiting, escalating into insurance scam, finally culminating into murder. Unfortunately the victims only crime was to be married to callous spouses who utilized the talents of the Petrillos. Thankfully there is a God above who stopped these people in their tracks. This book is a good read. The Petrillos had plenty of help–the majority of which came through the transfer of the almighty dollar. In the end, they were convicted of killing 114 people.

Get the book and learn who was their biggest partner in crime. I never saw the hand stirring the pot behind the scenes.

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